Privacy Policy

Mymacchiato.com adopts the below-mentioned basic rules in order to protect privacy of information provided by its members.

In terms of security of the personal data entered in Mymacchiato.com, necessary measures have been taken by Mymacchiato.com to keep the internet infrastructure at a secure level. Information entered by members for application and update purposes cannot be seen by any other member or third parties.

Access to information shared by members is restricted including Mymacchiato.com staff. Mymacchiato.com shall not share the given information with any other third parties, corporation and institution without permission of the members or unless obliged by laws. Mymacchiato.com commits to use its members' personal information for statistical use only unless otherwise authorized by associated members.

Mymacchiato.com gives links to other web sites. Commitments in our privacy policy are valid only for Mymacchiato.com and do not cover other web sites. Regarding the usage of other web sites to be accessed via link from Mymacchiato.com, privacy policy and terms of use of those web sites are valid. Mymacchiato.com isn't responsible for other web sites' content or usage of data for advertisement, banner or any another purpose.

Mymacchiato.com will ensure its partner firms to obey its company's privacy standards and terms in case that Mymacchiato.com works with other firms in order to get supportive services. Copyrights of information and materials and editing these information and materials belong to Mymacchiato.com. Mymacchiato.com holds all copyrights, registered trademark, patent, intellectual and other property rights of information and materials other than those of third parties on Mymacchiato.com.

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