Client Agreement

By becoming a member of Mymacchiato.com, you indicate that you understand, endorse and agree to comply with the following terms of use for our service.

This agreement has been concluded between;

İdealimaj Bilişim ve Danışmanlık Tic. Ltd. Şti. registration number: 4700582252, and member benefiting from the services supplied by Mymacchiato.com.

This agreement is valid from the date which member starts to benefit from services of Mymacchiato.com after making the full payment for Mymacchiato.com membership fee.


Mymacchiato.com is a brand name and website which is owned and operated by İdealimaj Bilişim ve Danışmanlık Tic. Ltd. Şti. The general terms and conditions of İdealimaj Bilişim ve Danışmanlık Tic. Ltd. Şti. and Mymacchiato.com are applicable to this agreement.

Membership of Mymacchiato.com is person specific. It cannot be transferred to somebody else. Member's contractual rights of use belong to him/her only and cannot be transferred to anybody. Members of Mymacchiato.com are liable for obeying all laws in force in Turkey on their relationships with the website and with each other.

Members of Mymacchiato.com must have an active working life meaning each member must have a stable income and occupation. Members are obliged to inform Mymacchiato.com staff if they lose their job or simply quit working by alternative motives. Mymacchiato.com promises its members that all members are actively working therefore Mymacchiato.com cannot guarantee further matches for those members who do not currently hold a job.


Mymacchiato.com is obliged to make the best possible matches within its members. In matching process Mymacchiato.com acts in a rational and reasonable manner considering each and every members’ qualifications and criterions whilst it cannot be guaranteed that a healthy relationship will arise as a result of these matches. Mymacchiato.com will use every possible measure to reach its clients expectations but it cannot be guaranteed that every match will meet %100 of its members’ wishes.

Background Checks

You agree that you will undertake all requirements to assist Mymacchiato.com in obtaining your background information. Whilst you understand that Mymacchiato.com may conduct a comprehensive background checks on its members, it will not be held responsible for any damage suffered by you as a result of using its service (this includes property damage, bodily injury and emotional distress). That is, you use the Mymacchiato.com service (including the services of any third party to which Mymacchiato.com refers you) at your own risk.

Members and users of Mymacchiato.com cannot commit any crime against laws and cannot act illegally by using the website. Applicants whom convicted of a hate crime, rape, domestic violence, harassment, fraud or any other illegal activity are not suitable candidates for membership therefore it is not advised for them to apply for membership. If it is later detected any member convicted of any crimes stated above, his/her membership will be immediately terminated without refund and legal action will be hold against for deliberately misleading authorities.

Your Marital Status

By agreeing to these trade terms you confirm that you are not married, not living with a partner or former or current spouse, and are over 18 years old. You should advise Mymacchiato.com immediately if your status changes.

Truth of Identity and Personal Information

You understand that it is essential that you provide us with personal information, (including photographs), which is both truthful and current (that is, no greater than 6 months old). You are required to notify us of any change to the registration details as originally supplied. Any loss suffered by Mymacchiato.com as a result of failure to provide personal information, which is truthful and current, will be borne by you.

Conditions of Membership Cost

You agree to pay for our services in the manner specified in this contract. The fee for becoming a member is set out and discussed with your personal matchmaker. The cost of any service not specified as being part of the Membership Agreement shall be payable over and above the Mymacchiato.com membership fees. Money transfer costs via bank will be paid by the member him/herself. In case of insufficient payments, membership will stay on hold until the necessary amount is paid. In any case of change of mind about membership, no partial/full refund will be paid regardless of the condition.

Membership Agreement

The Mymacchiato.com membership is a 12-month non-refundable membership during which a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 8 matches will be organized. Your profile will be added to our private matchmaking database and viewed by Mymacchiato.com private matchmakers.


Mymacchiato.com reserves the right to terminate your membership without refund if you knowingly ignore the requirements as set out in these trade terms. In particular, any behavior which damages Mymacchiato.com's business or causes or is likely to cause offence, distress or harm to its users and its users’ privacy will result in termination of your membership without refund of any amounts paid to date. If as a result of any background checks and testing it conducts Mymacchiato.com decides that you are not a suitable candidate, it reserves the right to refuse your membership.

User Information

Upon registration, you will be provided with a password and account designation. You may not disclose any user ID, password or other log in information to any person.

Limitation of Liability

Mymacchiato.com cannot be held responsible for failure of service arising from technical troubles, maintenance or renewal operations, telephone network, service providers and power failures. Mymacchiato.com will make maximum effort for service to be provided without any interruption; however, member agrees in advance not to hold Mymacchiato.com responsible for failure of service arising from troubles that cannot be prevented in spite of this effort and not to claim any right or compensation.

Rules of Engagement

It is crucial that you understand there are a few things expected from you to ensure the best possible results are achieved by Mymacchiato.com. Similarly we need you to understand exactly what we agree to deliver in making our service available to you.

Our Service

1- Personal matchmaker (PMM): Members will be assigned a personal matchmaker who will be responsible for managing the members Mymacchiato.com experience. Whilst it is the responsibility of the members PMM to deal with any queries the Members might have, PMM’s reserve the right to refuse giving advice to members on any matters which could be considered as counseling or advise in respect of the members’ personal circumstances or dating experience. Whilst this kind of information may be provided via Mymacchiato.com website, the primary role of the PMM’s is to provide members introductions. It’s up to members to do the rest.

2- Introductions: During a 12 month membership with Mymacchiato.com members will be entitled to receive minimum 2 and maximum 8 matching proposals. Matching proposal means matching offerings via e-mail made by PMM’s. It is not Mymacchiato.com’s responsibility whether or not two members go on a date and meet face to face or the date results as a success. Mymacchiato.com’s responsibility ends after making the matching proposals. Members are obliged to check their mails, respond the mails from their PMM’s within 2 days, keep their profiles update and required to make the necessary updates on their accounts, including updating their feedback form after each date proposal. Members failing to build a healthy communication with their PMM’s memberships will be terminated without refund.

3- Expiry: Memberships either expire after 12 months or when in total 8 dates are offered and accepted within the period of 12 months.

4- Reactivating: If members reactivate their memberships with less than 40 working days left to the expiry of the membership period, Mymacchiato.com cannot guarantee any new dates before the expiry date.

5- Invoice: For every membership activated against a fee, Mymacchiato.com issues an invoice in accordance with relevant laws.

6- No Refund Policy: Except in so far as it fails to perform the obligations set out in the points above Mymacchiato.com shall not be required to refund your membership fee under any circumstances. Membership fee is also not refunded in the event that a member cancels her/his membership at his/her own request or her/his membership is cancelled because of violation of public morality and provisions of the agreement.

What is Expected of You in Return

1- Truth and integrity: It is essential that all information members provided must be truthful and up to date. Should we discover that this is not the case, Mymacchiato.com reserves the right to cancel a membership immediately without refund. All photographs to be used in formulating a profile must be approved by the members’ personal matchmaker. Mymacchiato.com is not responsible for any misleading information such as workplace, ID etc. provided by applicants. Mymacchiato.com is entitled to cancel the memberships of the members who provide false or deceptive information.

2- Respect: Members personal matchmaker will use their best endeavors to assist members in finding a partner by using the information members provide and all of the resources they have at their disposal. However, it is not their fault if the members’ compatible introductions do not bring about the results Members are seeking through Mymacchiato.com. As such, any haranguing, blame, disparaging remarks or other behavior which could be considered unsavory displayed either verbally or in writing to members’ personal matchmaking will not be tolerated and will result in immediate cancellation of members’ membership without refund.

3- Duty of Care: Whilst Mymacchiato.com will make all the effort to assist members in reaching their goal of finding a suitable partner; members’ success is largely due to their own efforts and conduct.

4- Courtesy: In all of members’ dealings with Mymacchiato.com staff and introductions, members are required to act courteously and without aggression (either orally or physically) at all times. If Mymacchiato.com deems members conduct to be at any time in breach of this requirement, it reserves the right to cancel a membership immediately without refund. MyMacchiato.com does not tolerate a negative attitudes or unrealistic behavior.


The applicable law to the use of the Mymacchiato.com services and the Mymacchiato.com website is the law of the Republic of Turkey. In case of dispute the ruling courts will be the courts of Istanbul (Merkez) and enforcement offices; Turkish law and legal orders will be applied. For any possible dispute both parties agree that documents (electronic or printed or any other kind) provided by Mymacchiato.com will be binding evidence to solve the dispute on court under H.M.K.193.

İstanbul - Turkey

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