Matchmaking Package

  1. ✔ Single men and women between 25 - 57 years old are eligible for membership.
  2. ✔ ID display is mandatory to verify credentials.
  3. ✔ One to one interview with all applicants.
  4. ✔ You may only become a member following a mutual understanding after the interview.
  5. ✔ min.2 to max.8 matches are guaranteed within one year.
  6. ✔ Bespoke matchmaking service is given instead of computer generated matches.
  7. ✔ Dates will be arranged by blind date principles; only limited data will be shared with both parties; including name, age, occupation, university, no photo included.
  8. ✔ Our service is professional, personalized and private. Confidentiality is vital to our success and the matchmaking service, we take it very seriously and all members, employees and third parties must sign a confidentiality agreement.
  9. ✔ Feedbacks are mandatory after each date in order to pursue a healthy search.
  10. ✔ Concierge service available for all dates; reservations made by our staff in accordance with your agenda.
  11. ✔ 7/24 communication via e-mail. All mails guaranteed to be replied within 2 days, mostly within the same hour.
  12. ✔ You may share your experiences about relationships and get advices from your consultant before each date.
  13. ✔ Membership fee is equal for both male and female members though varies among different age groups.

Age Fee £
25 - 32 3.600
33 - 40 4.400
41 - 57 5.200

* Age is determined via birth year, month is not relevant.

In order to apply for membership all you need to do is to fill in our application form present in home page. You will be contacted via phone and e-mail as soon as possible to make sure your credentials are correct. Afterwards you will receive an activation mail send by Mymacchiato in order to create your own password to access the Members Only area. Our consultants will reach you once you fill out our questionnaire and we will arrange a meeting to get to know you better and discuss your prospects and expectations. In your application form please make sure that you enter the correct phone number and e- mail. Our staff checks incorrect or deficient information and applications made with false information are counted ineffective.

Personal Training and Relationship Coaching

Appropriate impression boosts your self-confidence and makes easier to achieve your goals in social and professional life. We offer a range of coaching services for our clients? specific needs including; style analysis, personal shopping, boosting self-confidence, image consultancy, dating tips&advices, body language, signals and triggers to guarantee the right first impression, life after divorce.

for further information and application: info@mymacchiato.com

Platonic Lovers Package

You love him/her but s/he don't even know you exist?! You just know his/her name? Or the work place? Tell us what you know about your crush, we will get in touch with them and learn what you need to know. If s/he is single we might be able to set you a date as well!

for further information and application: info@mymacchiato.com

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