About Us

Founded in 2009, Mymacchiato is the most exclusive matchmaking agency for white-collar professionals and business owners, delivering an unrivalled personalized service.

Our trained team interviews every member to discover the combination of elements they are looking for in a partner; values, background, attractiveness, success, intelligence, lifestyle and personality. We pride ourselves on paying such great attention to detail that, together with our experience and success, the matchmaking experience is one that our members enjoy and we find incredibly rewarding.

Our mission is to make lucky coincidences happen! We simply make sure that your other half is aware of your existence and you get together before its too late.

When you become a member, you will have your own consultant responsible for your needs and wishes. You can think of your relationship consultant as a dear friend of yours who knows great deal about your love life and luckily happens to know almost every single person in town who wants to have a committed relationship.

Your existing circle only covers the schools you have graduated from, companies you have worked for and family acquaintances. Mymacchiato will introduce you to wide range of people with whom your paths never crossed before because of the prior choices of schools and work places you have made.

All our members are active participants of business life and have at least a bachelor's degree.

To learn more about the unique benefits that a Mymacchiato membership can offer you, please complete the form below. Your enquiry will be handled with complete privacy and will be kept strictly confidential. Mymacchiato works with absolute privacy and protects private lives of its members. No one can see your credentials including other registered members. The information provided by you can only be seen and analyzed by our expert staff and can only be used for finding and introducing you to the most suitable match.


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