You Have many friends and a successful career.
How about your private life?
You have a great degree, you got your dream job that everybody seems to be envious about, and your entourage finds you quite attractive... So how come you are still single?!
If you cannot find a good enough reason why you are still single, we won't let you stay curious because the answer is pretty obvious: You simply haven't met the one yet!

But you have been looking for her/him for quite sometime now, how much longer do you need to keep on waiting?!
Oh well... What are the odds? Considering the crowded city London you are living in, the chances are very little if you just keep waiting for her/him to reach out to you. Your significant other, one in a million, is also out there somewhere waiting for you to reach out.

Mymacchiato is an elite matchmaking agency, exclusively serving for single white-collar professionals and business owners. More than just another dating agency, we actually get to know you and find suitable dates based on your qualifications, criterions and on going feedbacks.

Time is of the essence! Our experienced consultants will listen to you, understand your expectations, head hunt suitable dates on your behalf through our extensive networks in addition to matching from within the agency and as a result deliver best matches within your one year membership period. As a part of our service we will recommend suitable venues and make the reservations for your dates. All you need to do is turn up and enjoy your date!

5 Reasons to Use Professional Dating Services

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