First Date

This is our first date, I feel nervous!

It is totally normal that you are a bit anxious. But once you start up a conversation, it will all get better since your date will be hand picked by your personal preferences. After 15 min. you will feel like catching up with a distant friend of yours.

If you really want to guarantee a second date, here are some clues for you...

Being neat and chic is always useful and shows how much you care about your date.

Ladies! Do not over make-up or dress for that matter. Just be the best of yourself, enhance your natural beauty.

Gentlemen! We don't want you to stink for sure; but spraying the entire bottle won't help either. Keep it moderate with the cologne.

During the date, switching your mobile to silent mode is kindly requested. Yes, we are aware it sounds terrifying but you can prove that you are in fact capable of pursuing your life without using your mobile for more than 40 minutes. It will definitely help you to focus on your date and have a better understanding of him/her.

A business card to exchange numbers will come in handy after a successful date!

This is our first date, where should we meet?

As a part of our service we will recommend suitable venues and make the reservations for your dates. All you need to do is to be there on time and enjoy your date!

Wining and dining is great, but who will pay the bill!?

Gentlemen, you can calm down! Bills are shared by both parties.

I don't know anything about this person standing next to me! How will I ever keep the conversation going?

First of all, do not forget that your date is not a casual person you met at a random bar. She/he also devotes her/his time just like you to get to know you.

We anticipate an easy dialog since we always make matches within your areas of interest. However there are a few areas you need to be careful about; mentioning about your ex- darlings/spouses, especially complaining about them will not be a good start. A dull discussion concerning politics and religion will also be a conversation killer.

The most convenient subjects for the first date will be your daily routine, work place adventures, hobbies, holidays you last spent, your favorite venues, artists, movies etc.

It is also important to keep it in mind that you may have a whole bunch of stories to tell but let him/her talk as well. Listening is a key factor to get to know somebody and everybody wants to be heard.

This date is not what I am looking for!

Although we try our very best, not all matches end up perfect. If that's the case, do not forget to accompany him/her until s/he finishes his/her meal/drink and then leave the table politely after thanking. everybody you meet. Before exchanging your contact information, you had better wait until the end of the date.

I like her/him a lot; but I am not so sure about her/him?

She/he did not offer me her/his phone number and I was shy about asking. I am not so sure if she/he likes me...

A little shyness is normal during the first date, many people even finds it likeable. But you must have to decide till the end of the day whether or not you want to see that person again! Do not hesitate to offer your business card if you enjoy your date. If s/he also gives you phone number, it means that feelings are mutual.

Do not forget that we wouldn't have had so many married couples if everybody had waited for first step coming from the other. Worst case scenario will be you holding one less business card; so it's not a big deal after all! If you have exchanged your contact details but still not so sure about it and need some advice, you can always contact your consultant to get some feedback.

S/he is the one I have been looking for!

This is the one feedback we most enjoy hearing! It is always nice to know when you decide to give it a shot! But before starting to plan your dream wedding, we highly recommend you to keep things slow and enjoy flirting a bit longer. Long lasting relationships/marriages are only possible with strong foundations.

Good or bad doesn't matter!

Your experiences are very important for us to be able to improve the quality of our service. We need you to take a few minutes to update your profile after each date. Your feedbacks are crucial for us to pursue a successful search.

Good luck with your date and do not forget to enjoy each and every minute of it!

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